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What you guys have done in just two years is pretty impressive. Very high-standard production, high-quality programmes. And you are also growing your footprint across the country

Our history

Asaase Broadcasting Company Ltd is one of the biggest media companies in Ghana, founded in 2020 and broadcasting from 99.5MHz in Accra. Asaase Kumasi launched in June 2021, broadcasting on 98.5. There are further sister stations in Asaase 99.7 Tamale and Asaase 100.3 Cape Coast. Our parent group is Asaase Broadcasting Company Ltd.

The station also broadcasts through affiliates in Bawku, Bimbilla, Gushegu, Ho, Tamale, Tarkwa and Walewale, as well as online to a diasporan and international audience.

We describe ourselves as “The Voice of Our Land”. Our motto speaks to our mandate to be the most trusted source of credible information on a wide range of subjects shaping people’s lives – from business, politics and governance to health, entertainment and sports. Asaase provides listeners with objective news, pertinent facts and expert analysis to make critical decisions.

We set high ethical standards in all that we do with our staff of technical, journalism, new media and marketing professionals.
Innovation is at the heart of our operations. We introduce new systems, ideas or ways of getting things done for our clients.
A collaborative effort to achieve a common goal and to seek the expertise of our professionals to achieve good results.
We are not a station that sets out to defame anybody. We are not a station that sets out to attack personalities. We are not a station that goes out there to do propaganda.
What have we achieved so far?
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Cape Coast
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Azay FM in Takoradi (Western Region, 89.1); Bead FM in Bimbilla (Northern Region, 99.9); Mining City Radio in Tarkwa (Western Region, 89.5); Sissala Radio in Tumu (Upper West Region, 96.3); Somuaa FM in Gushegu (Northern Region, 89.9); Stone City Radio in Ho (Volta Region, 90.7); Wale FM in Walewale (North East Region, 106.9)
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Asaase Radio’s multimedia advertising platforms span conventional broadcast, digital marketing and physical signposting. We help our clients reach target audiences in Ghana and the diaspora through our national network of radio stations and affiliates, our website, social media, merchandise, live events, radio apps and fixed public platforms.


Asaase Radio aims to be the most trusted multimedia voice in Ghana by building an independent, fearless, quality national network with and for an audience as diverse as our programming and the communities we serve. We strive to seek solutions to the problems that our subscribers face and to be just as demanding in our quest to identify the opportunities in our society.


Asaase aims to build society by growing a tight network of multimedia platforms and information resources. We employ a professional team of highly motivated reporters, broadcasters and support staff who work to sustain and develop the Asaase brand and audience.

Our programming is provocative and innovative, constantly pushing us to become the most valued, accurate and authoritative media platform in West Africa.

With the staff of technical, journalism, new media and marketing professionals at Asaase, we provide a pan-Africanist multimedia network that engages, informs and entertains from a strong cultural base and a belief in individual freedom and well-being. These are the tools we are using to launch Ghana’s message to the world, and bring the world to Ghana.

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