The Voice of Our Land


Joe Ofori-Atta is a seasoned business administrator and international businessman. He began his career on the Africa desk of Bayfern International, focusing on trade finance and specialising in avalising and forfaiting sales of mazut. He then moved to Bayfern Securities, where he worked in cocoa and energy trading.

In the 1990s he was the Ghana representative for Gentry Resources Ltd, a Canada-and US-listed company in the upstream oil and gas sector which worked on the Cape Three Points project. Ofori-Atta served as the marketing director of Simnet, the Ghanaian gaming industry pioneer that spent ten years engineering the tools to mechanise the National Lottery Authority’s operations.

Between 2003 and 2015 he was the Ghana franchise holder and director for Woolworths, the South African-owned retail giant. He then served as a director of the parent company, Woolworth Holdings Ltd, until 2017.
Ofori-Atta previously chaired the telecommunications firm ACETEL. He is currently the chairman of Haymarket Investment Ltd and director of the retail company W Emporium Ltd.