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Strategic media planning

Our team of marketing, communications and technical professionals will help you plan a publicity campaign perfectly tailored to the needs of your unique business.

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We are sharp, keen, focused and nimble in the way we handle information resources. We aim to tell your story in as efficient a way as possible.

Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help you tell your story with everything from online to on-air coverage, from product placement to podcasts, and from digital media campaigns to direct marketing.

From small ideas to big impact
Creativity and a practical mindset are just two of our assets
We stand for everything from conservation to the circular economy
We’ve done our job if we make you see both sides of the argument
We aim not to pre-judge ideas, but to inform our listeners

We believe the world should hear Africa’s story as understood and told by people in Africa.

The pan-African story ... told by AfricansSubscribe to our podcasts and learn more about the new wind of change across Africa

    Digital media solutions

    From direct mail shots to display advertising at public events. Choose between live presenter mentions that lift your products or services and long-term multimedia campaigns.

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    Asaase will provide you with the right-fit communications solution, whether what you need is simple exposure or if you’re planning a rollout strategy for your new product.

    We provide a one-stop-shop answer to all your communications requirements – from advertising to market testing.

    It’s cost-effective and our staff provide reliable advice
    Thriving on bright ideas
    Your reliable source for news that matters
    Politics, news, culture ... and slices of the other side of life
    Making local news have global resonance

    The Asaase News network includes a team of correspondents covering all 16 regions of Ghana and reporters in key locations across the African continent.

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    Invest in growing the power of your communications

    We are the youngest company in mainstream news reporting and broadcasting to emerge in Ghana … and yet, since 2020, Asaase has succeeded in making itself known as the go-to source for breaking news on politics, current affairs, legal affairs and entertainment.

    In our fourth month in business, we staged the Asaase Sound Clash and set new standards for quality of reporting on music events, finesse of staging, conceptual creativity, digital innovation and timely public messaging.

    4 Asaase stations operational
    53 bespoke business campaigns executed
    6 Asaase affiliates engaged
    8 internal party elections covered
    2 sets of dialysis equipment sourced, bought and installed under CSR
    4 journalists win awards in two years
    3 thought leadership flagships launched
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    0123456789001234567890commercial partners engaged
    We work around the clock to bring quality reporting, analysis, commentary and information to our global audience, on air, online and in person.

    In a global media setting where disinformation, fake news and politically biased reporting have come to be excused as the norm, Asaase has taken a stand to defend ethical journalism, devote attention to reporting the facts, present balanced opinion and endeavour consistently to deliver quality content to an audience hungry for rich information.