January 9, 2018by AsaaseYaa3

As we marked the second birthday of Asaase 99.5 Accra on 14 June 2022 there was a great deal to celebrate.

It was not only Asaase@2 and the second anniversary of the premier pan-African multimedia organisation in Ghana. It was also the first birthday of Asaase 98.5 Kumasi … and the first day of formal operations for Asaase 100.3 Cape Coast. Also in the offing was the official rebranding of Radio 123 in the Northern Region as Asaase 99.7 Tamale.

From the opening of Asaase Broadcasting Company’s headquarters in Accra with our launch party on 14 June 2020 – smack bang in the middle of COVID Year – through staging the Asaase Sound Clash and reporting from the ground on the race between Ghana’s top two political parties in the run-up to Election 2020, via Beyond the Return and on to the Apiate explosion and Ghana@65 in 2022, Asaase Radio journalists and support staff have gone the extra mile to bring quality news, views, commentary, interviews, entertainment, culture and analysis to a global audience.

We have a lot to cheer about. We hope we’ve given our listeners and our viewers on social media fresh ideas to chew on and glimmers of some bright new goals for Africa in the 21st century.

As we enter our third year as Asaase, we are more keenly aware than ever that we are nothing without our listeners. Email, call, WhatsApp or message us on social media and let us know what we’re getting right and what you’d like to hear more of from Asaase@2, using the contact details on our home page.


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