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January 9, 2018by AsaaseYaa1

Asaase’s thought leadership flagship off air is the TAG Series – TAG standing for “Talk, Act, Grow”.

The TAG Series is engineered to contribute insightful debates to the national conversation, stimulating action which can trigger socio-economic development in Ghana and the African diaspora.

The maiden edition of the TAG Series was led by Wilberforce Asare, head of legal and political affairs at Asaase Radio, and took place at the plush African Regent Hotel in Accra in early March 2021.

Following hard on the heels of Ghana’s hotly contested Election 2020, the theme for the first series was “Unpacking the 2020 Presidential Election Petition Judgment”.

Presiding over the discussions in the first series was an eminent and well-respected member of the judiciary, the retired Supreme Court judge William Atuguba., who was also a member of the panel in 2017 which adjudicated Ghana’s first ever election petition.

The second TAG Series, which took place in November 2021, focused on another hotly debated subject: legal education in Ghana. The talks were produced in association with the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Ghana’s premier tertiary institution for professional training leading to a career in public service.

Panellists for the TAG Series have included academics, practising legal professionals, ministers of state and senior advisors to the Government of Ghana.

As Wilberforce Asare said at the launch of the debates in the first TAG Series:

It is my hope … that as we take an in-depth look at the judgment of the Supreme Court with regard to the 2020 election petition, it will come to be understood clearly by the people of Ghana. Ultimately, the rationale behind the name we have chosen (Talk, Act, Grow) will be achieved. As we talk, we will not leave it there – we will act on the conclusions we reach

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